Тордано в икономиката. Известен експерт начерта мрачни дни

    Мрачни дни за икономиката ни начерта експертът Светлин Танчев в предаването „РеВизия” по NOVA NEWS

    Той очаква, че до края на годината България ще мине в рецесия. „Хубаво е, че инфлацията се овладява, но всичко върви към свиване. На световните борси горивата поскъпват, държавите свиват брутния си вътрешен продукт. Всички централни банки са убедени, че няма да позволят инфлацията да се увеличава”, обясни той.

    Танчев не вярва, че България ще успее да влезе в еврозоната. „Ако сега бяхме в еврозоната, вече щеше да има протести с искане правителството да се намеси и да намали лихвите. Големият проблем в България е, че не реформирахме образованието“, заяви бившият депутат. Според него отиването на ресторант, отиването до магазина също е вид гласуване.

    Танчев е категоричен, че водещия приоритет в България трябва да е образователната система. Ако няма манталитет кое е правилно и кое – не, няма просперитет, смята той. „На Запад самото общество те гледа странно и не смееш да хвърлиш цигара на улицата”, допълни Светлин Танчев.

    Радваме се, че се доверявате на за всички актуални новини

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    1. The concept of „bureaucracy“ can be traced back to ancient civilizations, but the modern bureaucratic system as we know it today began to take shape in the 18th and 19th centuries. One of the key influences on the development of bureaucracy was the Enlightenment, with thinkers like Immanuel Kant and John Locke advocating for a rational, organized system of governance. The rise of industrialization and the growth of modern nation-states also contributed to the need for efficient administrative structures.

      Max Weber, a German sociologist, is often credited with providing the most influential analysis of bureaucracy. In his work „Economy and Society“ (1922), Weber described bureaucracy as a form of social organization characterized by hierarchical authority, strict division of labor, and clear rules and regulations. According to Weber, bureaucracy was the most efficient way to organize large-scale organizations and ensure reliable outcomes.

      Though bureaucracy offers advantages such as efficiency, specialization, and formalized procedures, it is also prone to certain criticisms. Detractors argue that bureaucratic systems can be rigid, slow to adapt to change, and lacking in innovation. Bureaucracies are sometimes accused of being impersonal, dehumanizing, and disconnected from the needs and desires of citizens.

      In recent years, there has been a growing interest in developing more flexible, decentralized alternatives to traditional bureaucracy. New management approaches, such as agile and lean methods, aim to foster innovation and responsiveness while still providing the necessary structure and order. Additionally, various governments have experimented with different forms of governance, including participatory models that seek to involve citizens in decision-making processes.

      In conclusion, bureaucracy has a rich history and has evolved over time to become a common form of organizational and administrative structure. While it may have its limitations, efforts are being made to find ways to improve upon or replace traditional bureaucratic systems.

    2. края на годината икономическата ситуация в България ще се влоши още повече. Проблемите с ниската икономическа активност, намаляващите инвестиции и ръста на безработицата се задълбочават. Това е сериозна тревога за нашата страна и трябва да бъдат предприети бързи и ефективни мерки за стимулиране на икономиката и връщане на доверието на бизнеса и инвеститорите. Единствено чрез съвместни действия и силна икономическа стратегия ще успеем да преодолеем тези предизвикателства и да постигнем устойчив икономически растеж.

    3. There are many reasons why people support the legalization of marijuana. Here are some common arguments in favor:

      1. Medicinal benefits: Marijuana has been shown to have various medicinal benefits and can alleviate symptoms of medical conditions such as chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and nausea caused by chemotherapy. Legalization can make marijuana more accessible for patients who could benefit from its therapeutic properties.

      2. Economic benefits: Legalizing marijuana can create a significant economic boost. It can generate tax revenue from retail sales, create jobs in the industry, and stimulate ancillary businesses such as transportation, cultivation, and packaging. It can also save money on law enforcement and incarceration costs associated with marijuana prohibition.

      3. Personal freedom: Supporters argue that individuals should have the right to make decisions about their own bodies and what substances they choose to consume. Legalizing marijuana would remove the government’s intrusion into personal freedom and promote individual autonomy.

      4. Criminal justice reform: Marijuana prohibition has disproportionately affected minority communities and has led to thousands of arrests and incarcerations for non-violent offenses. Legalization can help reduce the burden on the criminal justice system, free up resources for more serious crimes, and address the racial disparities associated with marijuana enforcement.

      5. Safety and regulation: Legalizing marijuana would allow for regulation and quality control, ensuring that consumers have access to a safer product. It would also eliminate the black market, making it less likely that users would come into contact with other illegal substances or engage with criminal organizations.

      6. Public opinion: Over time, public opinion on marijuana legalization has been shifting, with a majority of Americans now supporting it. Supporters argue that the will of the people should be respected and that legalization reflects changing societal norms and attitudes towards marijuana use.

      It’s important to note that there are also arguments against marijuana legalization, and opinions on the issue can vary widely depending on personal beliefs and values.

    4. презаредено икономическо състояние на страната подава сигнали за оставане назад. Споделям загрижеността на експерта относно влиянието на рецесията върху нашата икономика и надявам се, че ще се предприемат необходимите стъпки за преодоляването й. Влиянието на рецесията върху дневния живот на хората е несъмнено голямо и трябва да се обърне внимание на това, как можем да помогнем на бизнес сектора и на работниците, които се намират в най-незащитени положения. Надявам се, че ситуацията ще се подобри скоро и ще видим положителни тенденции в икономиката.

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